Fresh. Flavorful. Nutritious. From Our Farm To Your Kitchen.
Established in 1994, Hui's Farm Ltd. is a specialty mushroom farm that has been certified organic since 2005. Located in beautiful Aldergrove, British Columbia, we have been supplying the lower mainland with fresh mushrooms for over 20 years. While specializing in fresh Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms, we have been known to dabble in white and brown Button, Portabella, Enoki, Pom Pom, Pioppino, Red Reishi, Pink Oyster, and Yellow Oyster. The best place to get a hold of our mushrooms is at the local Vancouver farmers markets year-round. However, we also sell wholesale to other businesses and farmers throughout the islands and Fraser Valley areas.

Hui's Farm Ltd. is owned and operated by Mr. Tsun-Yuan Lee, and Mrs. Shih Lee, and co-managed by their son-in-law Mr. Jared Klassen.

Certified Organic. For Your Safety, and Peace of Mind.
All of our products are certified organic under the FVOPA ISO 65 compliance program, which means that no harmful and restricted chemicals, supplements, or treatments are used in our products that would otherwise make them non-organic. Organic certification services provided by FVOPA.

You may view the status of our organic certification here.