Update: Market Changes

The Winter Farmers Market is upon us. This year we have reduced our attendance dates due to the regular staff taking time off to care for their newborn son. You will see us at the winter market every 2nd Saturday from November to April.

Secondly, we have discontinued our attendance at the West End market in the summer. Due to a staff shortage and a refocusing of our labour during the summer months it is no longer feasible for us to attend this market. We would love to attend the West End market again in the future when it makes sense for our farm, so please keep an eye on our website for any future announcements regarding our attendance to the West End market.

Thanks for your continued support at our farmers markets!

Temporary Kitsilano Location

The summer Kitsilano market location has been temporarily moved to Riley Park (Ontario St @ 30th Ave.) from May 10 – June 7.

Our summer market dates have been posted as well! You can find them on the Farmers Market page.

Winter 2014/2015 Dates Added

You can find them over on the Farmers Market page. There is a new trial market this year at the PNE. We are there for 4 weeks, be sure to come by and support your local farmers!

PNE This Weekend

Hi there! Our winter market dates are not yet up on our site but you should know that we are at both Kitsilano and PNE this Sunday. PNE is a new test market that will be running until mid-December this year. So from this Sunday we will be there every two weeks until it is finished. Hope to see you there!

2014 Summer Dates Added

We have updated our farmers market page with the dates that we will be at the summer farmers market. Hope to see you there!

2013 Winter Market Begins Soon!

With the winter market right around the corner we have taken the liberty of adding our dates to the farmers market page. Why don't you check them out and come visit our stall for some fresh organic mushrooms this season!

Summer Market Dates Added

With the summer markets just a few weeks away, we've updated all of our market dates for Kitsilano and West End. Hope to see you there!

Growing Kit Instructions

If you have purchased a growing kit from us at the Farmers Market to grow in your own home, we have added a download for the growing kit instructions. Head on over to the Farmers Market page to download it.

New Website Launched!

Welcome to our new website! It's still a little rough around the edges, but we'll tinker with it here and there until we get it just right. Thank you for your patience during the transition, and your continued support of our organic farm.

Once you're done clicking through the photos on the Home page, why not check out our dates for the Farmers Market? Drop by and say hello! Maybe enjoy a tray of fresh organic mushrooms while you're there!